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  • Abillity Cloud- A Cloud-Based Billing App. Track Billable Calls With Ease

    Abillity Cloud- A Cloud-Based Billing App. Track Billable Calls With Ease

    Innovative billing app captures every call, simplifies hourly billing reconciliation, and helps administrators via cloud-based call records in real time.

    Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) unveiled a new cloud-based billing app this week at the ABA TECHSHOW 2013 that will tip the revenue scales in favor of law firms. ESI, an innovator of business phone systems and cloud services, today announced Abillity™, a unique new app that automatically captures billable time spent on both desktop and mobile smartphones. Where traditional time-tracking tools fail in their inability to work on desktop phones, Abillity shines by allowing attorneys to recover billable hours and revenue from often forgotten, undocumented, or untimed calls. “Surveys indicate that lawyers lose valuable billable hours to phone calls that go untracked,” said George Platt, President and Chief Operating Officer of ESI. “Factor in the non-billable time they spend reconciling call records, and a lawyer can lose five or more hours each month — that quickly adds up to a sizeable amount of revenue. Abillity gives law firms a simple-to-use interface to eliminate lost hours.” A firm creates an Abillity account and its attorneys, or “timekeepers,” install the app on their mobile and desktop smartphones. At the end of every call, Abillity prompts the lawyer to classify the call as billable or non-billable. A timekeeper may also choose to record a quick voice or text memo about the call to help with later reconciliation. Once submitted, the call record is available in real time to the lawyer and firm administrators through the Abillity Web portal. The records are all quickly editable and exportable into the firm’s accounting system for accurate, detailed invoices. “We’re very excited to be launching Abillity at the premier legal technology show in the United States,” stated Ron Owens, ESI’s Vice President of Cloud Solutions and Product Management. “We think Abillity fills a billing gap experienced by many lawyers. Its simple interface, automatic prompts, and immediate cloud-based accessibility make it a critical addition to any law firm’s time-tracking toolbox.