Voicemail to Email


ESI Mobile Messaging combines the advanced capabilities of your ESI business communications system with the convenience of users’ existing e-mail accounts. When you receive a message (a voice mail or a recording) at your extension or guest mailbox, you also receive an e-mailed notification to which a .WAV of the message is attached. The notification’s header contains information about the message — the Caller ID name and number, as well as the call’s date, time, and duration.


ESI Mobile Messaging also lets you quickly do these (and more):

  • Listen to a message on your PC or “smartphone” — Play back a message on your PC or “smartphone” by simply double-clicking the attachment.
  • Share messages — Forward important messages to interested individuals, even if they’re not on your ESI system.
  • Choose which messages to handle and how to manage them — If you have numerous messages, you can directly access any message right away.
  • Remotely manage messages — You can manage messages using Web mail from: a home PC or laptop; a personal (or alternate) e-mail account; or a “smartphone.”
  • Store important messages — Save a message attachment to a hard drive or USB flash drive.
  • Choose two e-mail accounts at which to receive e-mailed notifications of messages.

Note: Some of these capabilities require activation in user programming.

An ESI Mobile Messaging user who also uses one of ESI’s VIP applications with Microsoft® Outlook® gains an additional capability: simply selecting an e-mailed notification in the Outlook Inbox gives the user the ability to handle the message by using the VIP toolbar.

ESI Mobile Messaging is compatible with the IP Server 900 and any ESI Communications Server (except the ESI-50L) which is equipped with the appropriate hardware and system software. For specifics on these requirements as well as licensing details, please contact your Certified ESI Reseller.