Cloud Computing

Ashby’s Cloud Computing Services give smaller businesses access to the latest tools that help them compete with larger enterprises. By hosting files and applications in the Cloud, your employees can work and collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world. This means tasks are completed faster, and customer demands are met more efficiently.

When you subscribe to our Cloud Services, all the heavy lifting is done for you. All maintenance, updating, patching, and support are provided with every package.

Our Cloud Computing solutions give you:

  • Enhanced mobility so your files and applications are accessible on demand, on any internet-enabled device
  • Enhanced security so your data is protected with enterprise-grade threat-protection software and encryption protocols
  • Enhanced scalability from its pay-as-you-go pricing structure that lets you add/remove users or services according to your needs
  • Reduced costs from services delivered on the internet, which let you save big on hardware/software purchases and upkeep

Our wide array of Cloud Computing solutions include hosted email, productivity suites, unified communications, and data backup/recovery. If you’re a Sacramento business looking to reap the benefits of the cloud, call Ashby Communications.