Data Backup Solutions

Computer systems and the data they store are crucial to your business but, unfortunately, Murphy’s Law applies to them too. It isn’t a question of if your data will be in danger, but when. Hard drive failures, cyberattacks, natural disasters, careless or malicious (ex)employees, and countless other things can damage or destroy vital information. Be it business apps, archive data, communication logs, customer information, or any other priceless data, it is at risk. Computer files can be copied and the backups stored, but it isn’t easy keeping all of that information replicated and safe, unless you are partnered with Ashby Communications.

Using state-of-the-art software, we install automated data backup programs that continuously replicate your vital files. They then store those files on secure drives on your premises or in the cloud at fortified data centers. No more tedious, time-consuming, and resource-heavy backup procedures; our technicians will make it seem like the backups aren’t even there. Until, of course, you need them, in which case you’ll have your data restored in no time.

Our Data Backup Solutions give you:

  • Redundant, automated backups to ensure your data can survive anything
  • Advanced data drive backups that get your data back to you in minutes, not days
  • Powerful yet unobtrusive automated backup programs that don’t hog resources
  • Affordable flat-rate services that don’t spike based on usage
  • On site, cloud, or hybrid backup options

Data loss can cripple a company. Let Ashby work with you to ensure that never happens.