Disaster Recovery Planning

A disaster can strike at any time. Natural ones like fires, floods, and (for us Californians) earthquakes can hurt a business, but human-caused ones like accidents, network breaches, and criminal activity can be just as bad. If your data and systems are compromised, you could face a prolonged stoppage of operations or worse, bankruptcy. It can be daunting to think about, which is why many businesses don’t. The experts at Ashby Communications, however, constantly think about how we can best prepare businesses for the worst.

Not only will our technicians set up automated data backups to ensure your crucial information is not lost in the event of a disaster, but we also work with you to create a recovery plan. This detailed document will lay out what you need to get back to business fast and how each of your employees will contribute to this goal. Catastrophes can be terrible, but they don’t have to be the end. You just have to be prepared and with Ashby’s help, you will be.

Our Disaster Recovery Planning gives you:

  • Redundant, automated backups to ensure your data can survive anything

  • Advanced data drive backups that get your data back to you in minutes, not days

  • Expert disaster planning so you’ll always know the best way to quickly get back to business

  • Employee training on disaster recovery operations

Hoping a disaster won’t affect your business is just wishful thinking. It’s only a matter of time, so make sure your data systems can take the hit and come back stronger with our Disaster Recovery Planning.