Email & Spam Protection

Email is one of the most crucial tools in your business’s arsenal, but cybercriminals and unwanted solicitors know this and are constantly trying to infiltrate your inbox. Phishing scams by hackers try to trick your employees into allowing access or giving away confidential information, and unscrupulous marketers flood your email with sales pitches disguised as important documents. They use automation to send out as many unsafe or unwanted emails as possible, but automation can also be turned against them to combat these attacks.

Ashby Communications uses state-of-the-art software to automatically scan and review the contents of your emails to determine if they are safe. If so they let them pass, but if not they can be deleted or quarantined for you to review later, depending on your preferences. Keeping your inbox safe and not cluttered with spam messages will increase productivity and safeguard your systems.

Our Email/Spam Protection services give you protection from:

  • Emails embedded with malware like viruses, trojans, worms, and spyware

  • Inbox cluttering spam (unsolicited advertisements, scams, and sales pitches)

  • Ransomware hidden in emails that locks your data down until you pay up

  • Phishing scams that try to trick employees into giving away access or data

Save money, increase productivity, and safeguard your vital systems and data with Email/Spam Protection. Imagine everything you could get done with a safe and tidy inbox!