Hosted Solutions

Being able to license or lease hardware and software is convenient, but what if you could eliminate the need to have them on your premises completely? Why buy or rent a cow when you can purchase the milk directly? This is the main thrust of Hosted Solutions, which operate powerful business hardware and software off-site at a secure location. Clients pay predictable flat rates and get access to these benefits via the internet without having to set up or maintain any of the infrastructure required to run them.

With our Hosted Solutions, you experience the productivity boosting and money saving features of the latest and greatest hardware and software, without any of the headaches involved with setting up, maintaining, or upgrading them. You don’t even have to clutter up your workspace with the required equipment!

Our Hosted Solutions give you access to:

  • Operating systems

  • Dedicated servers

  • Data storage

  • Network hardware

  • System software

  • And more

Get all the benefits of modern technology without any of the drawbacks of purchasing, maintaining, monitoring, upgrading, or even finding office space for it. It sounds too good to be true but with Ashby Communications, it can and will happen.