When you open or start up your computer, you see your desktop with your shortcuts, icons, wallpaper, files, apps, and everything else that you have on your computer. It’s tied to that unique machine, but what if it wasn’t? Virtualization allows you to host that desktop in the cloud so you can access it from any device, from any location that has internet. Your apps, files, and preferences can go where you go and work when you want to. You also don’t need expensive hardware, just a simple computer that can display the virtual one that is stored in the cloud. The productivity gains and cost reduction are massive.

Ashby Communications provides virtualization for desktops as well as servers. Virtual servers can be collected and stored, many at a time, on one physical server. You can also move these virtual servers from one machine to the other with ease. This makes them highly flexible and cheaper to maintain because you no longer need a whole machine for each server.

Our Virtualization services give you:

  • Lower operating costs from reduced hardware needs

  • Improved mobility and productivity

  • Access to vast computing resources at a fraction of the normal cost

  • A wealth of options for full and partial virtualization

Stop wasting money and resources on hardware you aren’t fully using. Virtualize your servers and computers with Ashby Communications.