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Benefits of On-Premises Business Phone Systems

Benefits of On-Premises Business Phone Systems

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On-premises business phone systems with digital or hybrid phones are a great option for small businesses because they are reliable, simple, flexible, and customizable. Whatever your office needs are, our on-premises business phone systems will have you covered. Here are just a few of the benefits an on-premises system offers:


At Ashby Communications we offer both digital and hybrid solutions. Digital phones use traditional phone lines to convert your voice into a digital signal. Digital is the best option for offices with unreliable internet. Hybrid phones combine the best of both digital and IP technology. Businesses looking for a reliable system with more features and options should choose hybrid.


Ashby Communications offers the ESI IP Server 900 and the ESI Communications Server for installation. These on-premises business phone systems are compatible with both digital and hybrid phones. Our highly trained technicians are directly employed by us and are experienced in the latest technology to meet your needs.


Hybrid phones are more flexible than digital because you can have multi-site communication. Your business’s multiple sites can use the same phone system and be easily linked via broadband or the internet. This also means that supporting remote employees is more convenient with hybrid phones.


Employee satisfaction is an important part of a growing business. Many of the features and tools of our on-premises business phone systems are customizable to each individual user’s communication preferences. You can also customize the overall system by easily scaling it to grow alongside your business.

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Types of On-Premises Business Phone Systems

Types of On-Premises Business Phone Systems

An on-premises business phone system requires all of the hardware and technology of the system to be located in your building. Therefore, an on-premises system is best suited for digital and hybrid phones as opposed to VoIP phones that only use the internet to connect your calls.

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