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VoIP vs. Digital Business Phone Systems

VoIP vs. Digital Business Phone Systems

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Are you trying to choose between a VoIP and digital phone system for your office? There are many differences you’ll need to evaluate, but don’t let that overwhelm you. At Ashby Communications, we are dedicated to helping you make the best communication choices for your business. Continue reading to find out what you need to know about the differences between VoIP and digital business phone systems.

How Are Digital Phone Systems Different from VoIP Systems?

The main differences between VoIP and digital business phone systems are how they work and where they’re located. For instance, Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) services require a strong internet connection in order to deliver high-quality calls and are hosted off-site with cloud-based services where they receive regular maintenance and repairs.

Digital phones, on the other hand, reliably make phone calls even when your internet connection goes down. They can be part of an on-premise system or a hybrid phone system located in your building. While these are the major distinctions, there are many other notable differences between VoIP and digital phone systems to consider before choosing one for your business.

Digital vs. VoIP Phone Systems


A VoIP phone system is more cost-effective than a digital one, because it does not require installing any hardware other than the phones themselves. VoIP also eliminates long-distance fees and reduces monthly operational costs. Because digital phones require physical wiring and installing hardware on-site, they cost more upfront than VoIP. However, you can save money with a digital phone system if you use your existing analog (landline) phone wiring.

Power Consumption

Digital and VoIP phone systems have different requirements for power consumption. For digital phones to work, they only need to draw power from the cables that connect the phones to the system. A VoIP system, however, must be connected to an AC power source in order to provide power to the phones and maintain their signal strength.


A VoIP phone system involves much less wiring than a digital system. VoIP phones can use the same cable that connects a PC to the Local Area Network (LAN), reducing the amount of wiring at one desk. Digital phones, however, require both voice and data cables.

Call Quality

The quality of your calls may depend on your hardware, but digital call quality is generally more reliable. Because digital phones use physical wiring, they can consistently make clear phone calls. While VoIP technology can also deliver clear calls, quality will always depend on the strength of your internet connection.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted over the internet in a certain amount of time. The size of your bandwidth will determine how well your VoIP phone system operates. The larger the bandwidth, the more reliable your technology will be. Digital phones do not require you to invest in any bandwidth, because they do not use the internet.


Unlike digital phones that tie employees to their desks, with VoIP, your employees can take calls anywhere. VoIP systems are also easy to relocate because all you have to do is unplug the phones, then plug them back in at your new location. Moving a digital phone system is more complicated because it involves moving all of the hardware and wiring. However, implementing structured cabling can make the process a bit easier.


Digital phone systems need on-site maintenance, which means you could experience longer downtime as you wait for a technician to be available. VoIP phone systems don’t require much maintenance compared to digital phone systems. Typically, your VoIP provider will maintain your system remotely. For example, at Ashby Communications, we will house your system in one of our secure data centers for 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed uptime.

Business Phone Systems in California

Interested in a VoIP or digital phone system for your business? At Ashby Communications in Roseville, we provide affordable and reliable phone systems for businesses in the Greater Sacramento area. We can help you compare digital vs. VoIP phone systems and select the right type for your business. Call 916-960-0701 to speak with a representative about your options today.

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