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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Structured Cabling

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Structured Cabling

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Structured cabling is important for maintaining efficient network performance at businesses of all sizes. With structured cabling, you can save both time and money on managing your technology. Ashby Communications can assist you with improving your network performance and infrastructure. Continue reading to learn how your business can benefit from structured cabling.

What Is Structured Cabling?

A structured cabling system organizes your voice, data, and wireless systems’ cabling to optimize performance and simplify maintenance. Instead of connecting all of your devices by entangling a mess of wires, structured cabling implements an infrastructure of well-designed cable organization. Structured cabling creates a faster, more reliable business network.

Why Is Structured Cabling Important?

Opting out of structured cabling leaves your computers, phones, and other network devices susceptible to more downtime, because it is more difficult to pinpoint a problem in a disorganized system. Implementing structured cabling will allow your systems and devices to run at peak performance. A structured cabling system can also easily support any moves, adds, or changes to your systems.

Three Reasons Why You Need Structured Cabling

1. Less Downtime

If your business experiences frequent downtime due to human error, the state of your building’s wiring might actually be the culprit. When wires and cables are an unlabeled mess, it’s easy to accidentally unplug the wrong cable and disrupt the network. Structured cabling eliminates that risk because every plug has a label.

The simplicity of structured cabling is another factor that minimizes downtime. When you have structured cabling, you don’t need to have multiple wiring infrastructures to run all of your technology. Everything connects to one system so you will know exactly where to look if a problem occurs, instead of wasting time trying to track down the source.

2. Highly Adaptable

Change is inevitable for a growing business, so it is essential that your network of cables is easy to adapt. Structured cabling is extremely flexible, reducing the amount of time you would have to spend on maintenance, installation, and relocation. If you have to move your business, you can relocate and reinstall the entire cabling infrastructure in very little time.

The adaptability of structured cabling also allows you to future-proof your business network so that it can support your future needs. Structured cabling offers a higher bandwidth, which creates a faster network with the ability to accommodate new generations of technology. With structured cabling, you can easily add new phones, update hardware, and make other system changes.

3. Cost-Effective

Not only does structured cabling save valuable time, it also saves money. When you have a future-proof cabling design, you won’t have to spend money on reinstalling your infrastructure when you add new technology—your systems will already be able to support it.

Since an organized infrastructure can handle higher network demands and reduce downtime, less of your business expenses will have to go toward maintaining your network. Plus, less downtime means more productivity and better business success.

Structured Cabling Solutions in California

The right structured cabling design offers you a fast and secure network. Ashby Communications provides Sacramento Valley businesses with clutter-free cabling solutions. We have over 30 years of experience and the best test equipment in the industry. Call 916-960-0701 today to speak with a representative about improving your network.

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