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What to Know Before Switching to a Hosted Phone System

What to Know Before Switching to a Hosted Phone System

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Wondering if a hosted phone system is right for your business? Making the switch is easy when you know what to expect. At Ashby Communications, we aim to help our clients choose the perfect phone system to match their business needs. Read on to learn more about switching to a hosted system.

What Is a Hosted Phone System?

A traditional phone system requires running a series of wires from the business phones to the system hardware that is set up somewhere in the same building. However, a hosted phone system eliminates that mess of wires because all the hardware is off site. Hosted business phone systems—also known as cloud systems—connect calls using the internet with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Benefits of a Hosted Business Phone System

Easy Installation

Cloud systems are quick and easy to install because none of the hardware goes into your office. All you have to do is connect your business phones to the network, much like you would a new computer. Because there’s no hardware, cloud systems offer a lower upfront installation cost than an on-premise phone system.

Better Security

Housing an entire phone system in your building leaves your data vulnerable to security breaches. A hosted system is more secure because your provider will house it in a data center where it can receive consistent maintenance. For instance, Ashby Communications regularly backs up your data and maintains your system to prevent downtime.

Advanced Features

Hosted phone systems offer a wider range of features that unify and streamline communication. If you plan on switching to a hosted system, the phones should have the following essential features available:

  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call recording
  • Auto attendant
  • Call analytics

Flexible Scalability

A cloud business phone system can easily grow with your business. Unlike traditional phone systems, which are expensive and complex when it comes to expansion, relocating and adding new phones is a simple process with a cloud system. It’s also easier to manage a remote or hybrid workforce when you have a cloud phone system.

What Does Switching to a Hosted System Require?

Luckily, switching to a hosted phone system doesn’t require too much preparation. Determining your communication requirements and which features you will need ahead of time will ensure a smooth transition to your new phone system. However, there are two major factors you must consider before making the switch.

Reliable Internet Connection

The quality of your cloud system phone calls will depend on the quality of your internet service, so having a stable connection is extremely important. A strong internet connection will produce clear, high quality calls. To avoid dropping calls, make sure you have enough bandwidth to accommodate the number of phone calls your employees will manage on your new system.

Strong Data Protection

Protecting your business’s data is vital no matter which type of phone system you use. While hosted systems are already more secure than on-premise systems, you should still protect your office network. Firewalls, encryption, and password protection are just a few strong methods of fortifying data security.

Hosted Phone Systems in California

Looking to upgrade your system? Hosted phone systems are a reliable choice for small, medium, and large businesses alike. At Ashby Communications, we have over 30 years of experience in selling, servicing, and installing premium phone systems. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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