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5 Benefits of a Hybrid Business Phone System

5 Benefits of a Hybrid Business Phone System

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Are you Interested in upgrading your phone system, but unsure if VoIP is right for you? A hybrid phone system can give you the same experience as Voice over Internet Protocol technology without having to make the full switch. Ashby Communications offers a wide range of business phone systems, including digital, VoIP, and hybrid. We want to help you choose the right system for your business by exploring all the benefits that a hybrid system can offer.

What Is a Hybrid Business Phone System?

Hybrid business phone systems, sometimes referred to as hybrid VoIP, combine the features of on-premise landline or digital phone systems with cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Hybrid phones give you all the reliability of traditional phone systems along with access to the unique features offered by VoIP technology.

Five Benefits of a Hybrid Business Phone System

1. Ensures a Smooth Transition to VoIP

If you want to switch to VoIP eventually, a hybrid business phone system can help make the transition seamless. Hybrid systems can place calls via physical wires and over the internet. This means that hybrid systems can prevent any dropped calls or interruptions that may otherwise occur while you implement your VoIP technology. Plus, a hybrid system will allow you to use your existing phones, headsets, and infrastructure with your VoIP system.

2. Increases Productivity

Hybrid phone systems combine both cloud and on-premise services, allowing employees to perform more efficiently. Just like VoIP, hybrid systems allow employees to make phone calls from home or from the office. They’ll also get access to advanced voicemail and call-forwarding features that streamline communication, leading to better customer satisfaction and improved workplace productivity.

3. Reduces Operational Costs

Installing hybrid business phone system hardware is cheaper upfront than installing traditional or digital on-premise systems. Although VoIP cloud systems are the least expensive to install, hybrid systems offer many of the same cost-saving advantages. Like VoIP, hybrid phone systems reduce calling costs and eliminate long-distance fees, saving your business money in the long run.

4. Guarantees Reliability

Because a VoIP system depends solely on the internet, it requires you to have a consistently strong internet connection. Luckily, hybrid phones prevent any communication downtime. With a hybrid system, you can still make calls if your network goes down, so you won’t have to worry about low quality, dropped, or missed calls.

5. Offers More Control

When it comes to customizing your equipment, on-premise hybrid phone systems provide you with more flexibility. You can mix and match your equipment at any time to make sure your system meets your evolving communication needs. Cloud hybrid systems offer more control and less hardware maintenance.

Hybrid Business Phone Systems in Sacramento

If you need help choosing a hybrid phone system, talk to the experts at Ashby Communications. We have been selling, servicing, and installing phone systems in the Greater Sacramento area for over 30 years. Our reliable on-premise and cloud systems come with a wide range of intuitive features. Call 916-960-0701 to learn more about our hybrid phone systems and how we can help you improve your communications technology.

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