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5 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Increase Workplace Productivity

5 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Increase Workplace Productivity

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Wondering how to increase productivity in the workplace? At Ashby Communications, we help businesses improve workplace efficiency by providing affordable VoIP phone systems. Investing in a VoIP business phone system gives you and your employees access to a wide range of productivity-boosting features and benefits. Continue reading to learn just how a VoIP system can improve operating efficiency at your business.

What Is VoIP?

Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to relay phone calls. VoIP is a reliable and inexpensive communication solution, and all you need to reap its benefits is a strong internet connection. Having a VoIP business phone system will eliminate any worries about downtime, because the system sits in a secure data center where it receives regular maintenance and surveillance from your provider.

How Does VoIP Increase Workplace Productivity?

1. It Offers Unique Features

Choosing a VoIP phone allows you to select from a wider range of intuitive features. With VoIP you’ll never miss an important call or message. VoIP phones enable call forwarding to cell phones or any work phone in the system, regardless of whether an employee takes the call remotely or in the office. VoIP also offers more flexible voicemail retrieval options, such as voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text so that employees can receive messages anywhere they go.

2. VoIP Optimizes Collaboration

Thanks to VoIP, there is no need to divide employee departments with separate phone systems. Hosting remote employees is also easier and cheaper with VoIP because it doesn’t require sending out special equipment. Whether you have a remote, in-person, or hybrid workforce, VoIP business phone systems unite employees by giving everyone access to the same features that improve communication.

3. It Streamlines Remote Work

Supporting a remote workforce can actually increase productivity because a better work-life balance can improve your employees’ efficiency and overall performance. VoIP technology allows you to take advantage of that opportunity by enabling a smooth transition to remote work. VoIP phone systems also offer clear, high-quality conference calls so remote employees don’t have to worry about missing important meetings due to poor technology.

4. It Improves Customer Relations

Increasing productivity with VoIP phones improves job satisfaction and makes your employees happier, which in turn will improve customer satisfaction. With a VoIP phone system, you can always have an employee available to handle your customers’ needs without interrupting the daily workflow. You can also configure an auto-attendant feature to direct calls to the appropriate phone line or to voicemail during off-hours, which streamlines your customer communications.

5. VoIP Saves Money

VoIP business phones are a low-cost investment. Since you don’t have to install any hardware besides the phones in your office, you won’t have to pay as much upfront for a VoIP phone system as you would with any on-premise system. VoIP phone systems also save you money because you’ll never have to install additional equipment when you want to upgrade or add new phone lines.

VoIP for California Businesses

Now that you know just how easily VoIP can increase workplace productivity, it’s time to invest in a reliable VoIP phone system for your business. At Ashby Communications, we offer a wide range of VoIP phones with premium features for optimal productivity. Call 916-960-0701 today to discuss our VoIP services or learn more about the many advantages VoIP offers.

5 Benefits of a Hybrid Business Phone System

5 Benefits of a Hybrid Business Phone System

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Why Are Scalable Business Phone Systems Important?

Why Are Scalable Business Phone Systems Important?

Is your current phone system able to grow with your business? When you expand or relocate, it is essential that your technology can adapt to your changing communication demands. At Ashby Communications, we offer a variety of flexible phone systems for small businesses that are easily scalable to meet your needs. Continue reading to find out why scalability is so important in a business phone system.

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