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Business Phone Systems

For more than 30 years, Ashby Communications has been selling, servicing, and installing business phone systems in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. We are a locally owned, full-service team dedicated to treating our customers like family and tailoring solutions to their specific need. Our voice solutions help you save money and improve communication.

Systems that are easily expandable

When your company expands, you’ll need technology that can keep up. Our business phone systems may easily be relocated or expanded. If you choose a hybrid system, your business phone network can even span across multiple work sites over the internet.

Call Routing That Works

Thanks to our business phones for Sacramento Valley businesses, you’ll never miss a call again. The Auto Attendant and Virtual Answer functions are available on every on-premise system that is compatible with digital and hybrid phones. Auto Attendant is a call routing system that allows you to route calls to any internal or external destination. If you’re already on a call and another one comes in, Virtual Answer can direct the second caller to your mailbox, where they’ll hear a greeting of your choosing and instructions on how to continue their conversation.

Information Retention

Our business phone systems will save the information you require in a secure manner. Intelligent caller identification allows you to store caller information for future calls with a single touch. With voicemail distribution groups and other unique message capabilities, it’s also simple to save information and share it with your team.

Data Protection

Our telephone systems utilize rigorous security measures and backup your data on a regular basis to ensure that it is constantly safeguarded. All of your recordings, voicemail messages, settings, and other data are kept safe and easily recoverable.

VoIP vs. Digital Business Phone Systems

VoIP vs. Digital Business Phone Systems

Choosing between a VoIP and digital phone system can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! At Ashby Communications, we navigate the complexities of communication systems for you, ensuring you choose the perfect fit for your business. Discover the key differences between VoIP and digital systems and unleash the power of cost-effective calls, flexible features, and seamless scalability.

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