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8 Phone System Features Your Business Needs

8 Phone System Features Your Business Needs

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With so many available features and functions, selecting the right business phone system can feel a bit overwhelming. Ashby Communications aims to make finding the right system for your business as simple as possible. Before choosing a new phone system for your business, you should consider these eight important features.

Eight Phone System Features to Meet All Your Business Needs

1. Caller Identification

Caller ID is a basic feature that comes with most phone systems. It allows employees to easily identify who is calling or to block unknown calls. More advanced caller ID features for office phones include caller ID information storage for voice messages and recent calls so you can easily access that information when needed.

2. Auto-Attendant

If your business doesn’t always have someone available to greet your callers, you may need an auto-attendant feature. Auto-attendants greet callers and offer them instructions for sending their call to the right department or to voicemail when no one is available to take their call.

3. Call Forwarding

When someone calls a line that is busy, you can set up call forwarding to redirect the caller to a specific phone line. Some call forwarding features can redirect calls when the phone rings for a certain amount of times with no answer. Call forwarding eliminates the risk of missing important calls.

4. Advanced Voicemail

No matter which type of business phone system you choose, it will most likely include a voicemail feature. However, there are phones that come with more advanced voicemail options to better benefit your business.

When you listen to a voice message, it can sometimes be hard to hear over surrounding noise and you might miss important information. A voicemail transcription feature will send you written transcripts of your voice messages to read at your convenience.

If you want to reduce your chances of missing important messages while out of office, you will need a voicemail-to-email or voicemail-to-text feature. This feature sends voicemail messages as text to your mobile device or email inbox so that you can receive them anywhere you go.

5. Call Recording

The ability to record calls is another essential business feature. By making recordings available to use as reference, call recording can be useful for employee training. It also allows you to review past conversations so you can evaluate your customer service quality and improve your customer relationships. You can even record conference calls so that you can focus more on the meeting and less on note-taking.

6. Conference Bridging

Conference calls are a business staple, and any growing business is going to require more advanced conference features than basic 3-way calling. For bigger and better collaboration, your business needs a conference bridge feature. Conference bridging allows multiple participants to connect via your business phone system.

7. Twinning

If you host remote or mobile employees, the twinning feature may be a necessary option for your business. Twinning uses mobile devices as an extension of a business phone line. Incoming calls come to both the business and mobile phone at the same time to reach remote employees more easily.

8. Internet Functionality

Finally, if you want access to a wider range of features, you will need a VoIP or hybrid business phone system. Both VoIP and hybrid phones use the internet to make calls, but VoIP works best with a strong internet connection. If you have a weak internet connection, hybrid phones will give you more stability.

Business Phone Systems in California

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