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Benefits of a Cloud System for a Remote Workforce

Benefits of a Cloud System for a Remote Workforce

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The coronavirus pandemic has created more demand for remote employees, along with reliable phone systems to support them. With a cloud business phone system from Ashby Communications, you can easily support both onsite and offsite employees while your business evolves. Read on to find out more about how your business can benefit from a cloud phone system for remote employees.

What Is a Cloud Phone System?

Cloud business phone systems are hosted offsite in a secure data center. Unlike on-premise phone systems, they do not require installing any hardware in your office. The only equipment you will have to manage are the phones and their headsets. Cloud systems use voice over the internet protocol (VoIP) to make calls, so your business must have a strong internet connection in order to be able to support a cloud system.

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System for Remote Employees

Easily Scalable

The efficient scalability of a cloud business phone system is extremely convenient, because there is no hassle of moving and installing hardware. Employees can manage calls from anywhere they have a good internet connection. As your business grows and transforms, you can easily take on more remote employees or transition to either a fully remote or fully in-person workforce without investing in more hardware.

Efficient Productivity

A cloud phone system offers both remote and in-person employees access to the same call handling features. Employees can perform the same processes at home that they would in the office, so using a cloud system for remote working won’t affect productivity. Plus, cloud phone systems offer call monitoring, recording, and analytic capabilities so you can measure your remote employees’ performance.

Unique Features

There are many important cloud system features that a remote employee can use to efficiently manage calls from home. For instance, call forwarding allows calls to be sent to any phone regardless of its location, so your workforce can direct calls to both remote and in-person employees.

Other useful cloud phone system features for remote employees include:

  • Mobile twinning to allow employees to link their mobile number to an office extension so they can take calls from the same line when they work remotely.
  • Voicemail-to-email, which sends voicemail messages to an employee’s email inbox so they never miss an important message.
  • Auto-attendants that direct your customers' calls to the right employee whether they work from home or at the office.

Stable Communication

Connecting the entire workforce to one system—whether remote, in-person, or hybrid—gives everyone the same stable connection for clear calls and conference bridges. As long as your business has a strong internet connection, there is no need to worry about dropped calls or losing remote employee connections during conferences with a cloud phone system.

Lower Costs

Managing calls using a cloud phone system over the internet costs significantly less than monthly landline bills. The installation also costs less than on-premise phone systems because most of the hardware is located offsite. Finally, because cloud business phone systems easily support remote employees, you don’t have to spend as much on office space as you would for an entirely in-person workforce.

Cloud Business Phone Systems in California

Whether you are hosting remote employees or a hybrid workforce, it’s important that your phone system can support all of your communication needs. At Ashby Communications, we offer cloud phone systems with a wide variety of features. Call 916-960-0701 today to speak with a representative about which cloud phone system will work best for your business.

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