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Our digital and hybrid on-premise business phone systems at Ashby Communications come with a variety of easy-to-use features. Easily scalable systems, efficient call-routing, information storage, and data security are just some of the powerful features of a phone system checklist that will help your business run smoothly.

Easily Scalable Systems

When your business grows, you need technology that will grow with it. The business phone systems that we offer can easily be moved or expanded. Your business phone network can even span across several work sites via the internet if you choose a hybrid system.

Efficient Call-Routing

You will never worry about missing a call thanks to our business phone systems. Each on-premise system that is compatible with digital and hybrid phones offers the Auto Attendant and Virtual Answer features. Auto Attendant enables auto answering that will route calls to any desired internal or external destination. If you’re already on a call when another call comes in, Virtual Answer can send the second caller to your mailbox to receive a greeting of your choice that will advise them on how to proceed with their call.

Information Storage

Our business phone systems will safely store the information you need. Intelligent caller identification features one-touch storage of the caller information you may need to use for future calls. It’s also easy to store information and share it with your team with voicemail distribution groups and other unique message features.

Data Security

You can safely backup your data with the ESI Communications Server phone system for digital and hybrid phones. This system automatically backups your data for constant protection. Your recordings, voicemail messages, programming, and more will all be safely secured.

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Impressed with these features? At Ashby Communications, we offer the best technology to suit your business’s needs. We have been selling, installing, and servicing business phone systems for over 30 years. Give us a call today at 916.960.0701 to learn the full list of business phone system features that we can offer you!

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