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ESI ePhone4 Session Initiation Protocol Business Phone

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ESI ePhone4 Session Initiation Protocol Business Phone

ESI ePhone4 SIP business phone enhances workplace efficiency and productivity

As an integral part of the ESI eCloud PBX solution, the ePhone4 maximizes the benefits of the cloud by prioritizing the simplicity of use and experience users have come to expect. Providing a familiar user experience, the ePhone4 aims to improve business productivity with a rich set of traditional business phone features that ESI customers have come to rely on.

Several fixed feature keys put the most valuable ePhone4 features just a button press away without the need for user programming. Extension statuses on the display makes the user more efficient at communication with co-workers.

Featuring a four inch color display, thirty-six programmable keys, call history, DESI-less button labeling, visual voicemail, one-touch call recording, 3-way conferencing along with call mute, hold, park and transfer are just a handful of the tools the ePhone4 offers to compliment the user experience.

The ePhone4 delivers a powerful end user experience through the following features:

  • SIMPLIFIED BUTTON PROGRAMMING With the use of the ESI Dashboard, button programming is a breeze with the easy to use drag-n-drop feature.
  • VISIBILITY INTO THE PRESENCE AND AVAILABILITY OF CO-WORKERS Visual indicators make it easy to see who is in or out of office and available to communicate.
  • ONE TOUCH eHELP Quick access to how-to videos in order to assist users in learning how to use features, therefore driving adoption.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES Instantly take advantage of new features as updates are automatically pushed to your phone.

The ePhone4 leverages the power of ESI Intelitouch™, a unique integration from the phone to the desktop interface that keeps business communications in sync across all devices. No other provider offers this level of integration between the user dashboard and the phone, making the ESI experience unique.

Features and Specs

  • Gigabit Ethernet (PoE) Network
  • 36 DESI-less Keys
  • Dedicated Voicemail Key
  • Dedicated Help Key
  • 4 Inch Color Display
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Web Based Dashboard
  • Integrated RJ9 Headset Jack

Compatible Systems

ESI ePhone4 Session Initiation Protocol Business Phone

ESI eCloud PBX

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