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ESI Communications Telephone Servers for Sacramento Valley Businesses

ESI Communications Telephone Servers

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End-of-Life Notice

As of December 15, 2021, ESI Communications Servers have been succeeded by the eSIP series product line, providing enhanced features and functionality.

Service and support for ESI Communications Servers will be available until December 15, 2026. Following this date, all support services for the ESI Communications Servers will be unavailable, rendering the product obsolete.

We understand that every dollar spent on your business is an investment. A business phone system is no exception. ESI Communications Servers are sophisticated, yet simple solutions that give you the flexibility of both digital functionality and IP-to-the-desktop in any combination.

ESI Communications Servers come in several models that vary primarily in capacity. Chances are that one will be just right for your workplace’s particular communications needs.

With an ESI Communications Server, all your vital business communications features are built-in — not added on. ESI delivers systems that make business communications simple and intuitive with the ability to grow with your business.

  • Highly advanced, scalable phone system with unique call-handling features.
  • Flexible architecture that fully supports both digital and IP-based communications.
  • Extensive voice mail capabilities with advanced features and messaging options.
  • A multi-level, highly customizable auto attendant for efficient call routing.
  • Full-featured Automated Call Distribution (ACD) to ensure every call is routed to the right person the first time.
  • An easily scalable system to meet the demands of your growing business.

ESI phones are easy to use and intuitive to program, enabling users to be more productive and efficient. The exclusive Verbal User Guide™ is on every ESI desktop phone: just press the HELP key. ESI phones also have additional business features to help your team be productive.


Unique Message Handling

ESI’s patented voice message features make it simple to store information and share it with your team. The Quick Groups™ feature lets you easily create a voice mail distribution group on the fly.

Auto-Attendant or Live Voice

The automated attendant has six levels and 100 branches, enabling you to set up auto-answering that conveniently routes callers to desired destinations and provides overflow support for “live”-answer — so calls are always answered.

Shared-Office Tenanting

The shared-office tenanting feature lets multiple organizations in a shared-office environment use the same ESI system while appearing to be separate and distinct entities.

Intelligent Caller ID

See at a glance who is calling. ESI’s patented technology even stores Caller ID1 information with each voice message. Use the advanced speed-dial capabilities for one-touch storage of caller information for callback any time.

Intelligent Call Forwarding™

ESI’s Intelligent Call Forwarding lets you forward an outside call directly with the caller’s Caller ID information rather than yours. That way, the person to whom the call is forwarded knows who is really calling.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a call management feature that helps streamline incoming calls into multiple departments, routing callers to the right person every time.

Stay Connected with Employees

You can duplicate an extension with a second number, so an incoming call rings both phones. The additional number can be either an internal extension or an off premises number, such as a cell phone or home phone.

Data Redundancy

The M3 (Mirrored Memory Module)3 employs proven RAID technology to provide constant, automatic backup of all system data — including recordings, system programming, speed-dial numbers, and voice mail messages and prompts.

Multi-Site Networking Options

Esi-Link™ brings your remote offices closer together by joining multiple locations, whether across town or across the country, into what effectively is one big ESI system. Connect up to 100 locations across your WAN or over the Internet without dedicated lines or long-distance toll charges.

ESI-Exclusive Virtual Answer™

ESI’s unique Virtual Answer™ lets you use special greetings to help you courteously handle high call volume, based on call order. Even if you are already on a call, you can redirect a second incoming call to a special, personalized greeting with one touch. Virtual Answer can help you minimize lost calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Easy, Secure Maintenance

Perform system maintenance via modem, direct connection, or the LAN/WAN. Your system administrator (or other authorized personnel) can also use convenient ESI software to manage system settings. ESI systems are fully self-contained, for higher reliability and security.

Convenient IP Phone Choices

ESI’s desktop IP phones provide on-site functionality, both in the office and in most sites with Internet access. ESI desktop IP phones’ remote capabilities are perfect for satellite offices. Prefer a cordless IP set? Choose an ESI Cordless IP Handset II (local IP or remote IP version). Often on the road? Use the optional, PC-based VIP 7 Softphone.


The various ESI Communication Server models are a flexible platform that can be used for a digital-based, IP-based5 , or combined solution as your business requires. ESI was one of the first in our industry to create a purely IP-based phone system and to add IP capabilities to a digital system.

All desktop ESI phones support both digital and IP-based systems, providing advanced features and the ability to customize functionality to each individual’s communication preferences. ESI’s digital desktop phones provide superior and proven performance and are compatible with any digital phone jack.

For more advanced functionality, use ESI IP phones as part of your communications solution. If you don’t want the expense of rewiring new phone outlets, you can easily use an ESI IP desktop phone. It works from any location on your network, and can also be used on most remote sites with broadband connectivity. The ability to access your business communications from any location supports a more mobile and remote workforce while still maintaining your ESI phone system features.


ESI 1000 Communications Server

ESI 1000 Communications Server


ESI 200 Communications Server

ESI 200 Communications Server


ESI 100 Communications Server

ESI 100 Communications Server


ESI 50 Communications Server

ESI 50 Communications Server


Compatible Phones

ESI dPhone4 Digital Business Phone

ESI dPhone4

ESI 60 Digital/IP Business Phone

ESI 60

ESI 55 Digital/IP Business Phone

ESI 55

ESI 30 Digital Business Phone


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