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ESI eSIP Evolution Series Business Phone System

ESI eSIP Evolution Series Business Phone System

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The all-new ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ delivers power, performance, flexibility and scalability for small to mid-sized enterprises up to 500 users.

With a modular design that uses the very latest advanced standards-based technology, the eSIP Evolution Series is engineered for the communications needs of today, while “future-proofing” your investment with the ability to grow along with your organization in the future.

Easy to Deploy

Comprehensive auto-provisioning and advanced plug-and-play capabilities, combined with an intuitive Metro UI driven by point-and-click configuration, means faster installations.

Power & Performance

The latest powerful technology advancements, including industrial-grade Quad Core processors, T1 DSP voice processors, and extended-life power units with lightning protection. This solution works with SIP/IAX2, PSTN lines, ISDN, T1/PRI, and GSM/3G/4G.

Premium Technology & Features

Enterprise-grade features improve productivity and efficiency by making routine tasks simple, such as: visual voicemail, dial-by-name directories, conferencing, advanced call handling, call recording, and more!

Secure & Reliable

Gain peace-of-mind with advanced fail-over/redundancy, built-in security, monitoring and reporting capabilities as standard. Additionally, the internal firewall/threat detection and support for TLS and SRTP encryption means that your communications remain secure from unexpected threats to your system.

Mobility with ESI eMobile App

Take the critical features of your business phone on the road with you by using the ESI eMobile™ application for smartphones. Access voicemails, contact directories, and call recording features from wherever you may be, and always stay available to receive calls from your most valuable clients - even from the beach!

Quick multi-site and remote user connections, advanced call handling options, built-in call recording capability, conferencing and three-way calling, visual voicemail, web-based management, and powerful add-ons including the ESI eMobile smartphone application are just a handful of features the ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ delivers.

Compatible Phones

ESI ePhone4x VoIP Business Phone Front View

ESI ePhone4x

The ESI ePhone4x™ Enterprise IP Phone is a high-end desktop phone with 36 LED programmable feature keys to increase productivity for enterprise users at a cost-effective price.

ESI ePhone3 VoIP Business Phone Front View

ESI ePhone3

The ePhone3 business phone combines features to increase productivity for users with a cost-effective price.

ESI ePhone8 Enterprise Session Initiation Protocol Business Phone Front View

ESI ePhone8

A beautiful high-end business phone, the ESI ePhone8 offers a robust feature set with a vibrant and versatile 7-inch color touchscreen.

ESI ePhoneX Enterprise Session Initiation Protocol Business Phone Front View

ESI ePhoneX

A high-end desktop phone, the ESI ePhoneX is designed for users that handle heavy call volumes and need visibility into multiple extensions on the network.

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