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Comprehensive IT Support Services

Responsive and Reliable Computer and Network Support

At Ashby Communications, we know that downtime can take a toll on your bottom line. That’s why we provide comprehensive IT support for small and midsized businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our computer support services are delivered at a monthly rate based on the hardware you have in place for an affordable, hassle-free experience. Take advantage of optimal uptime and experience for yourself the benefits that Ashby Communications managed IT and computer repair services present businesses like yours.

Our experienced IT professionals have the knowledge and skill to help you solve issues quickly and effectively. We’re proud of our commitment to quality customer service, so we go above and beyond to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with the work we do.

When your Hardware Breaks, Our Tech Support Team is Ready to Help

Computer hardware will fail, it’s inevitable and only a matter of time. Through wear and tear, internal components will need to be repaired or replaced. When your hardware begins to break down, you can rely on Ashby Communications’ IT technicians to provide a thorough analysis of the problem and implement a solution to either fix or replace the malfunctioning hardware as quickly as possible to keep your business operating with limited downtime.

Without a business continuity plan, hardware failure can cause catastrophic data loss. With our data backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, we can restore your network and workstations to their original condition, preventing loss of data, reputation, and workplace productivity. Hardware is great when it works, but we tend to forget that it will fail at some point and having a plan in place before this happens will prevent massive expenses down the road. Having a team to monitor the heath of your hardware, with the skillset to identify an issue before failure, is key in ensuring business continuity.

Software Licensing and Management, Keeping your Operations Up-to-Date

Software can be a significant investment for businesses, and it’s important to make sure that each dollar spent on software is used as effectively as possible. This means making sure your business has all of the licenses it needs to use the software, and that those licenses are being used efficiently. The cost of maintaining software can be significant if your business uses diverse types of software.

Software licensing management keeps track of which licenses are being used and where they’re being used. It ensures that nobody is using more than one license at a time or using unauthorized copies of the software, which could damage the company if caught violating its license agreement with the manufacturer of that particular software product.

Having the team at Ashby Communications manage your software licensing controls the costs and maximizes the value of your software while removing the complexity involved with managing multiple vendors and their maze of terms and conditions.

IT Support Help Desk, Your Personal IT Hotline!

We understand the most important thing for your business is to stay productive. Whenever your employees experience an IT issue, it takes a serious toll on their ability to be productive. This is especially true if the problem exceeds the technical knowledge or capabilities of your in-house IT staff. It’s not just a matter of your employees being able to get their work done. It’s also about the impact on morale and productivity when they can’t.

With our help desk support services, you can track issues in real-time, get troubleshooting assistance whenever you need it, prioritize tasks, and boost productivity throughout your organization. The most important thing is that we keep your business running smoothly, when you need help with anything from managing applications to increasing security, our experts are here for you.

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Co-Managed IT Services

Looking for someone to help manage part of your IT? Our scalable co-managed IT solutions, give you the option of paying for the level of support you want.

Comprehensive IT Support

Ashby Communications Comprehensive IT Support options present exceptional value for small businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area area.

IT Consulting Services

Providing IT consulting services to Sacramento businesses looking to leverage their company's IT into higher degrees of productivity and profitability.

Network Monitoring & Maintenance

Prevent downtime with Ashby Communications remote monitoring & management solutions. Serving small businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area area.

IT Vendor Management

Employ us as your virtual CIO. We work with third-party vendors to help reduce expenses & determine which suppliers are best suited for your IT needs.

VMware Virtualization Services

We provide top-tier VMware virtualization services to our clients, giving them enhanced mobility & efficiency both in & out of the workplace.