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Why Choose a Premise-Based Business Phone System?

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At Ashby Communications located in Sacramento, CA, we provide small businesses with simple and reliable business phone systems. Premise-based business phone systems offer a wide variety of features to help simplify routine office tasks. Elevate your business with the efficiency and flexibility of an on-premise business phone system.

What Is a Premise-Based Business Phone System?

When a business phone system is on-premise, it means that the entire phone system has been installed in your business’s office. Each phone in an on-premise business phone system is connected to a server that is physically on-site, as opposed to a cloud-based system where a server isn’t needed. On-premise business phone systems are compatible with digital phones that use wires to connect to the server as well as hybrid phones that connect via the internet.

Flexible Technology

A premise-based business phone system is flexible in a number of ways. With hybrid phones that combine digital and internet functionality, you can implement an on-premise phone system that connects across several locations. Multi-site communication allows you to easily support remote employees and manage a growing business.

You can easily move or expand a premise-based business phone system to meet your business’s needs. With many features that are customizable to each user’s preference, an on-premise business phone system can even be flexible to your employees’ communication needs.

Optimize Office Workflow

A wide range of easy-to-use features is one of the many advantages of an on-premise business phone system. Easily manage and program features to simplify tasks like call-routing, intelligent caller ID, and other unique message handling functions. With the simplicity and reliability of an on-premise business phone system, you can optimize your office workflow for efficient business productivity.

Reliable Communication

An unstable internet connection won’t disrupt your phone calls when you choose an on-premise business phone system. Premise-based systems are compatible with both digital and hybrid phones that offer reliable communication. A digital phone uses traditional phone lines, while a hybrid phone combines a digital and internet protocol network. Even if your internet connection goes out or becomes unstable, your business can still make and receive phone calls as long as you have an on-premise phone system.

On-Premise Business Phone Systems from Ashby Communications

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